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Food Waste Processing Machine


Canadian Technology
Made in Canada

The one-step solution creates no solid by product, eliminating the need for additional handling, expensive hauling and saving the carbon emissions generated by heavy and inefficient garbage trucks.


ORCA is an on-site aerobic digester that uses naturally occurring microorganisms in the presence of oxygen. The technology efficiently breaks down food waste into a liquid effluent in 24 hours or less, without the use of grinding or shredding. The effluent that leaves the ORCA can be further recycled at wastewater treatment plants, where the nutrients are extracted to create renewable biogas or used for land application. ORCA can save you both time and money, while reducing your environmental footprint compared to other disposal methods and helping you comply with food waste regulations.

How It Works


All ORCAs come equipped with on-board scales that automatically measure the weight of food waste digested. The information is subsequently showcased on the ORCA+ dashboard, offering real-time access to historical and current trends of your food waste diversion.


This allows you to easily measure the amount of food waste your operation is producing, manage your waste reduction plan effectively, and quantify the cost savings and environmental impact that your improvements are making. Keeping garbage trucks off the road, and less food wasted.


LCA Environmental Impact


The Benefits Of Using ORCA



ORCA technology diverts food waste from landfills, reduces methane and carbon dioxide emissions, and recycles food waste into renewable resources. Our technology takes trucks off the road, significantly reducing your organization's overall carbon footprint.


Cost savings:

ORCA lowers waste hauling expenses, decreases labour costs, and reduces pest control and janitorial expenses. The weight data generated by ORCA can also help identify consumption patterns, promoting more accurate purchasing decisions.



Most of our customers install ORCA right in their kitchen; there is no need to store food waste on-site and, therefore, less opportunity for pests and rodents. There is no need to transport waste long distances or clean up spills from ripped garbage bags. ORCA also reduces the risk of employee injuries from lifting heavy bags.



ORCA's automated reporting tool helps organizations meet sustainability reporting requirements and comply with organic waste diversion laws and regulations.

OG 25


Hourly Processing Capacity: 11 kg / hour

OG 50


Hourly Processing Capacity: 23 kg / hour

OG 100


Hourly Processing Capacity: 45 kg / hour

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